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About the Competition

Founders of An Appalachian Summer Festival Arnold and Muriel RosenThe Rosen-Schaffel Competition for Young and Emerging Artists, established in July, 2011, is a program of An Appalachian Summer Festival, the university’s annual summer festival of the performing and visual arts. The competition is co-presented with the university’s highly acclaimed Hayes School of Music.

The festival features an astonishing array of music, dance, theatre, film and visual arts programming, and has emerged as one of the nation’s leading regional arts festival, highly acclaimed for the breadth and quality of its artistic programs. The competition is named in honor of Mrs. Muriel Rosen and two of Mrs. Rosen's family members, Nancy and Neil Schaffel. Mr. and Mrs. Rosen’s vision and generosity led to the founding of An Appalachian Summer Festival in 1983.  Central to the festival’s founding principles is a belief in the importance of supporting young American artists, and promoting the professional endeavors of young artists pursuing careers in the fine arts. This belief, championed by the Rosens and their family, remains an integral component of the festival’s mission and identity.



 2018 Rosen-Schaffel Competition Winners 

2018 Competition winners

Pictured above are the 2018 Rosen-Schaffel Competition winners with donors, left to right: Neil Schaffel, Nancy Schaffel, Delphine Skene, Jim Cunningham (Bruce J. Heim Foundation, board member), Morgan Short, Mark Tafeen, Nancy Tafeen and Jacob Warren.